News from the Work Packages – September 2018

WP2 and WP5 will have their kick off meetings in September

OPERA’s WP1 Analytics data & systems held its first meeting right before the summer holiday. The goals and deliverables for WP1 were reviewed, and a detailed development plan for the VIVO platforms to be built in WP1 was presented.

Three of the project members participated in the VIVO conference at Duke University in June, during which we also had productive meetings with Clarivate, Digital Science, Cornell, and TIB. The conference and meetings were a source of inspiration, and we came back with ideas and advice that we can build on in OPERA.

WP1 has a number of exciting tasks coming up in the second half of 2018, but most imminent is the study of Dimensions data. We will start by exploring data on publications, citations, patents, open access, funding. etc. for each of the three universities participating in OPERA i.e. AAU, DTU, and KU.

In OPERA’s WP3 – Network analytics and visualization we are looking forward to our start up meeting in the beginning of September. Here we will start the process of creating a visualization catalogue that will form basis for WP3’s work of exploring and evaluating relevant network and visualization tools. During the following months we will be seeking out inspiration, both from the other OPERA WPs and relevant conferences for example the DEFF sponsored 1-day-conference Visuals and Analytics that Matter – a conference that we encourage everyone interested in OPERA’s WP3 to join!