News from Work Packages 2 and 5 – October 2018

WP 2 – Also Humanities

WP2 had their first meeting in start September where the different partners gathered at AAU to discuss the development and implementation of a participatory taxonomy for mapping SSH research.The WP2 are working with the documentation of humanities collaborations and impacts, and analysing SSH scholarships. Working with experimental methods for understanding how the metrics for publications, citations, co-authorship and co-production are representing impact. The first milestone objective of WP2 is are a mapping of the impact that humanities research creates when published in academic journals. Understanding how quantitative indicators can be used in visualising research impact using different platforms and tooles such as Dimensions, Plumx, Researchfish etc.

WP 5 – Open Science Support

The WP5 kick-of meeting was held at AAU Copenhagen on the 10th of September with the partners and was focusing on Open Sciences and Open Access. And how these new initiatives can help us understand how research practices are changing.  WP5 have a series of overlapping issues with the other Work Packages in the DEFF OPERA project, making the WP5 a complex exercise to navigate. The first product of WP5 is a literature review on how different institutions, manifestos and policy papers are conforming to the Open Sciences and Open Access carters.