Conferences and Communication

WP6 Lead: Poul Melchiorsen
(Specialist, Research Analysis, Aalborg University)

The objective of WP6 is to ensure the sharing and communication of the progress and outcomes of the project, while facilitating that the project stays informed of the development within the wider Danish landscape of research analytics stakeholders. The tasks of WP6 will be based on a communication and dissemination plan. The plan will outline principles to be followed by all WPs in order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the communication and dissemination activities.

In order to foster the impact of the project activities and developments WP6 depends upon continuous and close dialogue with the project management as well as the WP leaders. Thus, WP6 will engage all WP leaders and key investigators in identifying information and stories to share. WP6 will facilitate communication and dissemination through various means, such as newsletters, websites, email-lists, blogs, videos and social media communication.

In order to raise awareness about the project and its results WP6 will organize workshops, seminars and/or conferences continuously throughout the project lifetime. The target groups for these activities are all project partners, the Danish stakeholders and invited international partners and experts.

WP6 Participants

Deputy: Nils Thideman, Aalborg University

David Budtz Pedersen, Aalborg University

Marianne Lykke, Aalborg University

Birger Larsen, Aalborg University

Rolf Hvidtfeldt, Aalborg University

Karen Sofie Hytteballe Ibanez, Technical University

Jesmin Kaik, Aalborg University

Anna Stegger Gemzøe, Aalborg University

Rasmus Rindom Riise, Copenhagen University Library / Royal Danish Library