Open Science Support

WP5 Lead: Birger Larsen
(Professor, Aalborg University)

The DEFF OPERA work package on Open Science Support explores Open Science efforts may form part of research analytics, metrics and evaluation. The purpose is to identify and evaluate approaches to document the impact of open science and open data efforts, and to prepare the inclusion of the most promising of these indicators in analytics platforms like VIVO as well to evaluate these approaches.

Through extensive reviews and synthesis of open science manifestos and published experiences from fields with long-standing traditions for open science and open data WP5 will contribute with practical experience and knowledge building in handling FAIR principles with respect to research analytics practices in Danish research libraries.

WP5 takes a starting point in Open Science and Open data manifestos and declarations such as the Amsterdam Call for Action on Open Science and Plan S. With this framework WP5 then investigates experiences from fields that already have experience in handling these (e.g. biodiversity) and prepares promising data and indicators for inclusion in VIVO to be tested with relevant stakeholders.

WP5 Participants

Deputy: David Budtz Pedersen, Aalborg University

Mogens Sandfær, Technical University of Denmark

Karen Sofie Hytteballe Ibanez, Technical University of Denmark

Karsten Kryger Hansen, Aalborg University

Nils Thideman, Aalborg University