WP2: Also Humanities

WP2 Lead: David Budtz Pedersen
(Professor (MSO), Aalborg University)

The DEFF OPERA “Also humanities” Work Package addresses different dimensions of impact assessment and research analytics in the humanities. With impact becoming the driving force for assessing the relevance and uptake of research in society, the Social Sciences and Humanities are in a unique position to contribute to and shape the concept of impact. This work package explores how the Humanities and Social Sciences can help expand current methodologies and indicators for impact assessment and shape the future availability of data and metrics. While there are many challenges related to applying indicators from the STEM disciplines to the SSH field, there is considerable space for re-thinking and experimenting with metrics for publications, citations, co-authorship, co-production as well as other less formalized knowledge dissemination activities.

WP2 Participants

Deputy: Birger Larsen, Aalborg University

Marianne Lykke, Aalborg University

Rolf Hvidtfeldt, Aalborg University

Poul Melchiorsen, Aalborg University