OPERA Workshops – March 3 2020


The OPERA project invites you to a day of great and inspiring presentations focusing on different approaches to Research Analytics and Persistent Identifiers.

The Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark
Meeting room 2 (second floor) in the Meeting Center, building 101

Part 1: OPERA Update & Research analytics projects from the Netherlands and Norway

This is the opportunity to get up-to-date on the OPERA project, get acquainted with a new project by OPERA partners CWTS Leiden and TU Delft, and be introduced to a great Norwegian national bibliometric project.

Registration for part 1 is closed


10:00-10:15: Welcome and OPERA status

10:15-11.00: Presentation of the Dutch ARIA project – Advancing Research Intelligence Applications – a collaboration between Erasmus University Rotterdam, CWTS Leiden, and TU Delft. Tung Tung Chan, CWTS & Alenka Princic, TU Delft | Download slides

11:00-11:30: QA & Collaboration brainstorm: ARIA/OPERA, NL/DK

11:30-12:00: National Infrastructure for Bibliometrics, offering Norwegian research institutions bibliometric data, to understand and compare domestic and international research. Ivar Ternsell Torgersen, Unit | Download slides

12:00-12:10: Wrap up

Part 2: PID Workshop

The afternoon workshop focuses on Persistent Identifiers. We will dive into this narrow – but important – field in managing research information.

More and more areas are covered with PIDs. These initiatives are an essential step towards realizing the potential power of connected PIDs in the scholarly ecosystem. Examples from suppliers and users of PIDs will guide us through the PID landscape.

Registration for part 2 is closed


13.00-13.15: Welcome

13.15-14:15: ORCID, DataCite and a Danish perspective from DeiC
Ivo Wijnbergen from ORCID and Helena Cousijn from DataCite | Download slides
Anders Sparre Conrad from DeiC | Download slides

14.15-14:45: Experiences with PID’s in the OPERA project
Nikoline Dohm Lauridsen (OPERA project) and Poul Melchiorsen (OPERA project) | Download slides

14.45-15.15: Coffee

15.15-15.45: How GRID PIDs enable better data linkage and data analysis?
(Brian Kirkegaard Lunn from Digital Science and Dimensions) | Download slides

15.45-16.15: How are PIDs used in the Morressier system?
(Sami Benchekroun from Morressier)

16.15-16.30: Closing Remarks