Open university research analytics system – Research collaboration

WP1 Lead: Christina Steensboe
(Senior Executive Officer, Technical University of Denmark)

Increased research collaboration is key to improving not only research outcomes and impacts but also research openness, transparency and integrity. WP1 aims at developing Open metrics and Open systems for the analysis of research collaboration across institutional, national and disciplinary boundaries. While the data will be traditional licensed bibliographic and bibliometric data, the concepts, metrics and system software will all be open, documented and freely available for reuse – including the adaptation to other data sets.

WP1 Participants

Deputy: Mogens Sandfær, Technical University of Denmark

Karen Sofie Hytteballe Ibanez, Technical University of Denmark

Anne Lyhne Høj, Aalborg University

David Budtz Pedersen, Aalborg University

Birger Larsen, Aalborg University

Rolf Hvidtfeldt, Aalborg University

Kirsten Krogh Kruuse, AU Library / Royal Danish Library

Marianne Gauffriau, Copenhagen University Library / Royal Danish Library

Adrian Price, Copenhagen University Library / Royal Danish Library