OPERA aims at establishing open and advanced research analytics practices and systems at Danish universities and in the Danish landscape of research analytics stakeholders.

OPERA will address Open analytics data as well as Open metrics and Open systems.

OPERA will explore how to measure Openness and how to improve the data and concepts for the analysis of Humanities.

OPERA brings together leading Danish actors with global operators and experts.

OPERA aims at aligning the Danish capacity with the best global level while catering to local and national preferences and needs:

  • GOOD GLOBAL DATA: Obtaining and consolidating the best-quality global citation data

  • ALSO HUMANITIES: Enabling adequate documentation of humanities scholarship and impact

  • NEW TOOLS & CONCEPTS: Adapting and applying innovative analytical and visualization tools

  • OPEN SYSTEM: An open source system, aimed at and controlled by Danish stakeholders

  • OPEN SCIENCE: Better recognition for Open Science contributions in metrics and evaluation

  • BROAD OUTREACH: Extensive communication to and involvement of stakeholders