News from the workpagages – March 2019

WP5 – Open Science Support
All participants Birger Larsen (AAU), David Budtz Pedersen (AAU), Morgens Sandfær (DTU), Karen Hytteballe Ibanez (DTU), Martin Collin (DTU) and Pelle A. Israelsson (AAU) were gathered at AAU-CPH. A quick status on the deliverables was given, and it was discussed how deliverable P could best be realised – e.g. by studying the reactions of various stakeholders (researchers, heads of department, deans of research) to the joint VIVO platform using eyetracking and sensor technology.
For the OPERA workshop on March 28 the following experts have been invited: Merle Jakob (Lund university) to talk about the recommendations of an EU expert group on Open Science metrics, Christian Herzog (Digital Science) on how to incorporate Open Science in the Dimensions platform, and Ivo Grigorov (DTU) on how Open Science efforts could best be measured.